By-laws of the Home Town Association of Semlak

- Extract -

Translation into English by M. Kontz, Regina, Canada

Submitted to, and adopted by, the members present at the regular meeting of May 18, 1997 in Ingolstadt, Germany. These by-laws are binding to the Members and the Board of Directors of the Association.


The registered name of the Organization is Heimatortsgemeinschaft Semlak (HOG) Home Town Association of Semlak.
The Head Office is located at the town of residence of the Treasurer, or of the Chairman. The calendar year serves as the fiscal year.


  1. The purpose of the Organization is
    1. to foster and promote the ties between former residents of Semlak as well as their descendants;
    2. to provide charitable aid to compatriots still living in Semlak;
    3. to maintain and preserve the cultural and economic achievements, as well as the customs and dialects of the Semlak of yesteryear;
    4. to co-operate with other organisations of similar principles, especially the Landsmannschaft der Banater Schwaben e.V. - (The Federation of Swabians of the Banat);
    5. to periodically publish a newsletter, or to support similar publications;
    6. to support the home town church and the cemeteries.
  2. The organisation serves only purposes of the common good. All Directors serve without remuneration. Any funds may only be disbursed as specified by the by-laws.


  1. donations,
  2. functions,
  3. municipal or government grants.


  1. Any person over 18 years of age, who was born in Semlak, lived there, or is a descendent thereof, may claim membership in the Association.
  2. Others may become members by applying in writing to the Board of Directors.
  3. The members are requested to further the aims of the Association. There is no membership fee, donations are on a free-will basis.


  1. The management of the Association is the responsibility of the Board of Directors.
  2. The Board of Directors is made up of:
    • the Chairman,
    • the Deputy Chairmen,
    • the Honorary Chairman,
    • the Treasurer,
    • the Secretary,
    • the Directors at Large,
    • the Auditors.
  3. The Board Members are elected for two-year terms, and may be reelected. Any one Board Member may represent the Association if so delegated by the Chairman, or failing him/her, by the Deputy Chairman.


  1. Membership meetings take place biannually.
  2. The Notice of Meeting, as well as the agenda shall be in the hands of the members at least two weeks prior to the meeting. The Notice of Meeting shall be in writing or by publication in the Heimatbrief - Newsletter.
  3. Amendments of the by-laws require a three-quarter majority of the members present at the meeting.
  4. There will be minutes taken at all Membership Meetings and Board of Directors Meetings. These minutes will be signed by the Chairman.


  1. Dissolution will be conditional to being an item on the Agenda of a General Membership Meeting and is subject to a three-quarter majority of the members present. This also applies to the liquidation of the assets of the Association. Priority should be given to:
    1. Landsmannschaft der Banater Schwaben e.V., (The Federation of Swabians of the Banat), with the head office in Munich.
    2. Das Institut fuer donauschwaebische Geschichte und Landeskunde, (The Institute for Danube-Swabian History and Heritage), 72074 Tuebingen, Mohlstr. 18;
    3. Das Hilfswerk der Banater Schwaben (The Aid Office of the Swabians of the Banat), Head Office in Schwabach;
    4. Other public service organizations whose aims are similar to those of the Home Town Association (HOG) Semlak.
  2. The dissolution must be reported to the Department of Revenue.
  3. In case of dissolution, papers belonging to the HOG Semlak shall be made accessible to research.
  4. The resolution of dissolution shall be recorded, and the records signed by the Chairman, the Treasurer, and the Secretary.


The articles of the Civil Code - Buergerliches Gesetzbuch (BGB) will apply in addition to these By-laws.